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Sales Agent Training Page

Sales Agent
Training Page

Welcome Aboard

You are on your way to start generating a very easy and lucrative income,
generating $1000’s in additional revenue.

First, this is NOT A JOB.  It’s a business opportunity.  With that being said, some of the ways we will be describing, you may incur a cost (to print business cards for example).  If you don’t have the money, but have time, we will show you how to make that work.

If you’re not willing to invest time or money, then go get an hourly job. This won’t be for you.  We only want to help doer, not a dreamers or a wannabes.  Also note, in addition to the money, you can do this from anywhere in the world- it’s not hard.

Let’s get started

Step 1: Understanding Your Tracking Links

Step 1:
Understanding Your Tracking Links

Once your account is approved and activated, you will receive a unique short link via email.  This link is extremely important, as it tracks what clicks and sales were made through your efforts. 

The short link will look something like this: 

This link must be utilized within each ad you post for you to get commissions.

SHORT LINKS prevents a potential customer from removing the end of your tracking URL "#referral-ID".  If they do, you will not get credit for any orders.  So to ensure this won't happen, we are providing you with a special "SHORT-Link": that links to your main link.  This way, individuals will not be able to go around you, ensuring you will earn once they purchase or sign up and start generating revenue. Note: If they just enter, they will not be redirected to our site.

We will also be providing you with your own QR Code, providing you with an easy way for anyone with a "QR Code scanner on their cell phones", can scan and go directly to home page.  QR Codes are perfect to add it on any printed material you wish to show or distribute to customers, such as business cards, postcards, or flyers as they can easily scan your QR Code from their cell phones.  However, we highly recommend that you also include your  SHORT-ID if you post on social media, as some QR readers will not convert a QR code to a URL if it's displayed on the cell.  Adding both, is a good practice.  

No, the short link ensures that your referral ID is always included with the link. They will not be able to access the site if they try to visit the link directly.

Your tracking links can be used to share the promotion on social media digitally, or you can also print the QR code (we will provide) on business cards/postcards. This will be explained more in detail in the section below.

Step 2: Learning How To Market

Step 2:
Learning How To Market

Now that you’ve understood how your tracking link works, let’s talk about the different ways you can market.

Keep in mind, what we have developed is a HANDS-FREE WAY for businesses in high traffic tourist destinations to generate $1000’s in additional revenue at NO COST.

It’s that simple

We have created one of the easiest ways to reach key decision makers in high-traffic areas. 

You simply attach what looks like, a hand written note that contains YOUR QR Code (photo optional), and tape it to the first door near the lock. 

The message is very compelling and if their are slightly interested, they will scan your QR Code and see the video (  They MAY sign up with you doing anything. 

You can also print business cards and go door to door to businesses in high traffic tourist areas, speak to a key decision maker and explain the promotion. This is perhaps one of the most effective ways to sign up merchants.

The business card you can hand out will create curiosity for many people. The objective is to get them to watch the 3-minute video (this QR is YOUR link to the video.  You can get them to scan your QR Code on your business card, or simply give them the card if they don't have time to talk.

There are many ways to market on social media.  You can run ads, post images and reels in groups or on your timeline, and post comments in groups you wish to target.  You want to come from a 3rd person REFERRAL, not trying to sell anything.  This is what we have attempted to create.   Some groups will allow your link, many others won't, so solved that too by creating different types of ads you can use to promote.

We also have a variety of videos that you can use to attract businesses. 

You have 3 options:

  1. You can post them on YouTube and/or TikTok.
  2. You can join groups on social media and use our videos/reels there.
  3. Or you can look into paid advertising on Facebook to get the fastest results.

Either way, it is EXTREMELY important that you don't spam. If our systems detect spam coming in from a certain affiliate, their account will automatically be banned. Pay extra attention to group rules before posting because some of them don't allow adding links to posts.

Make sure the groups you're posting in are ACTIVE, meaning that the members are actively commenting and engaging with shared posts. These groups will get you the best results.

Step 3:  Monitor Statistics

Since you have purchased a Connector Pro subscription, you can log into your private dashboard to track clicks and commissions in real-time. This useful data can help you tweak your marketing strategies in case you are not getting the results that you wish to achieve.

Things To Keep In Mind When Posting
On Social Media

While posting in groups or sharing the predesigned ads online, it is important to remember to ONLY use your short link to drive traffic to the video page.

If you do not use your short link, any signups made through you will NOT be tracked.

You can add the short link in the caption, and post it alongside the image/video.

Sample Captions

Utilize these sample captions to post your ads.

For groups, people are more likely to respond to "recommendations" rather than posts that are trying to "sell" something. 

After joining groups that contain business owners, here are a few captions you can use to post:

1. 🌟 Earning Extra Cash Has Never Been Easier! 🌟

Hey there fellow business owners! I just had to share this amazing opportunity that's been a game-changer for my store. Are you looking to make some extra income without any hassle? I've been earning over $2000 every month by simply displaying an ad in my store. No selling involved, no explanations needed – it's a win-win situation! Trust me, it's 100% free and has been a seamless addition to my business. Don't miss out on this effortless way to boost your revenue. Check it out now by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE]! 💰🛍️ #PassiveIncome #EasyMoney #GameChanger

2. 🚀 Boost Your Business Revenue the Easy Way! 🚀

Hello fellow entrepreneurs! If you're seeking a fantastic way to increase your monthly earnings with zero effort, I've got news for you. I've personally experienced a significant boost in my income by simply featuring an ad in my store – it's been a complete game-changer. Picture this: over $2000 extra each month without selling a thing or having to explain anything! And guess what? It's absolutely free to join. This opportunity has taken my business to new heights, and I'm sure it can do the same for you. Don't miss out on this effortless revenue stream. Check it out now by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE]! 💸📈 #PassiveIncomeSuccess #BusinessBoost #EffortlessEarning

3. 🌈 Experience the Joy of Effortless Earnings! 🌈

Hey everyone in the business community! I'm thrilled to share my personal success story with you. By simply displaying an ad in my store, I've been earning well over $2000 per month. It's like getting a bonus without any extra work – no selling, no explanations, just pure profit. And the best part? Joining is completely free! Don't miss out on this opportunity to supercharge your income effortlessly. Check it out now by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE]!  💰✨ #PassiveIncomeJoy #HassleFreeEarnings #BusinessWin

4. 🎉 Unlock a New Revenue Stream Without the Fuss! 🎉

Hello fellow entrepreneurs! I couldn't keep this incredible opportunity to myself any longer. I've been reaping the benefits of a no-fuss, no-cost strategy to earn over $2000 each month. How? By featuring an ad in my store – it's that simple! No need to worry about selling or explaining anything. This has truly elevated my business game, and it can do the same for you. Dive into this effortless income source today and watch your profits soar! Check it out now by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE]! 💸🌟 #PassiveIncomeSuccessStory #BusinessGains #EffortlessRevenue

5. 🌺 Embrace Extra Earnings, Zero Stress! 🌺

Hey there, fellow business enthusiasts! I've got some exciting news to share. I've been boosting my income by a whopping $2000 or more every month without breaking a sweat. How? Just by displaying an ad in my store! There's no selling involved, no need to explain anything – it's practically effortless. Oh, and did I mention it's completely free? This has been a game-changer for my business, and I'm sure it can be for you too. Dive into this fantastic opportunity now and experience the rewards firsthand. Check it out now by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE]! 💰🚀 #PassiveIncomeJourney #StressFreeEarnings #BusinessOpportunity

For personal profiles or business pages, you can utilize these captions to post:

1. 🌟 Looking for a Lucrative Opportunity? Earn $2000+/Mo Easily! 🌟

Attention all business owners! Discover a remarkable chance to add an extra $2000 or more to your monthly earnings effortlessly. It's as simple as displaying an ad in your store – no selling required, no explanations needed. This opportunity is a game-changer, offering a seamless way to increase your revenue without any cost. Don't miss out on this incredible avenue for passive income. Explore it today and watch your earnings soar! Learn more by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE]💰🛍️ #PassiveIncomeOpportunity #BusinessGrowth #EasyEarnings

2. 🚀 Ready to Skyrocket Your Business Earnings? 🚀

Attention entrepreneurs and store owners! A golden opportunity awaits you to boost your business revenue by over $2000 every month, without lifting a finger to sell or explain anything. Picture this: a hassle-free way to earn, just by featuring an ad in your store. The best part? It won't cost you a dime – it's absolutely free! This is your chance to unlock a new stream of income that could transform your business. Don't let it slip away. Take action now and witness the difference. Learn more by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE] 💸📈 #PassiveIncomeGrowth #BusinessSuccess #EffortlessEarning

3. 🌈 Discover Effortless Income Generation! 🌈

Attention business owners! Uncover the secret to pocketing an additional $2000 or more each month with ease. A simple ad displayed in your store can do wonders for your revenue – no sales pitches, no explanations required. This ingenious opportunity comes at no cost to you, making it an absolute must-try. Witness the power of passive income as it transforms your financial landscape. Don't wait, explore this opportunity today! Learn more by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE] 💰✨ #PassiveIncomeDiscovery #SeamlessEarnings #BusinessGrowth

4. 🎉 Elevate Your Earnings Game! 🎉

Calling all entrepreneurs! Elevate your business's financial trajectory by embracing a unique chance to earn $2000 or more per month effortlessly. Imagine the possibilities: a simple ad displayed in your store, no selling stress, and no need for lengthy explanations. This opportunity is a game-changer that won't cost you a dime – it's completely free! Witness the magic of increased revenue as you take advantage of this remarkable offer. Act now and watch your business flourish! Learn more by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE] 💸🌟 #PassiveIncomePotential #BusinessSuccess #HassleFreeEarnings

5. 🌺 Seize Your Slice of Effortless Profits! 🌺

Entrepreneurs, take note! Here's an opportunity you can't afford to miss. Picture this: an extra $2000 or more flowing into your business every month, and all you have to do is feature an ad in your store. No hard sells, no complicated explanations – just smooth, stress-free income. And the cherry on top? It's absolutely free to join. Unlock a new era of business prosperity by exploring this fantastic avenue today! Learn more by visiting [INSERT SHORT LINK HERE] 💰🚀 #PassiveIncomeAdvantage #BusinessProsperity #EffortlessEarnings

To Get Access To Our Library of Predesigned Ads and Reels, Visit The Link Below.

To Get Access To Our Library of Predesigned Ads and Reels. Visit The Link Below.

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