Never Pay Full Price On HOTELS Again

No Blackout Dates

No Travel Restrictions

No obligations

No Timeshares

good for 1 full year

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How Does It Work?

Once you open your Travel Savings Dollar (TSD) account you will be credited with up to 500 TSD's! The funds in your account can then be used at any 1 of millions of hotels around the world.

While booking, your savings will automatically be applied to the total cost of your stay and deducted from your TSD account! The amount of savings is dependent upon the property, time of year, and does not reflect resort fees.

What Properties Are Available?

  • 1,000,000 Hotels and Resorts WORLDWIDE
  • Special 7-Day Vacation Promotions
  • Additional Discounts on Car Rentals, Tours, Excursions, Activities.

3 great options to save:

  • To Save $500, the Cost is $50
  • To Save $250, the Cost is $25
  • To Save $100, the Cost is $10



Once your purchase has been completed, you will receive an activation code along with the URL to login to start searching and/or book a reservation immediately.


If you have not received at least 3 times the savings that you paid over the course of one year, We will refund double the amount you paid. Learn More.

3 Simple Steps

1. Choose How Much You Want To Save.

2. Complete Your Purchase.

3. Activate Your Account, Search, Book, & Go.


Get $100 Travel Savings Dollars for FREE

When You Purchase a $250 or $500 TSD Package

See Why Purchasing $500 vs. $250 in Travel Savings Dollars is Totally Worth It.

We highly recommend purchasing the $500 Travel Savings Dollars. Not only will you get an additional $100 in Travel Savings Dollars, but you are guaranteed to save $500 below the prices listed on Expedia, Priceline, etc.

NOTE: To get $100 TSD’s for FREE, DO NOT place a check on the $100 option unless you want more than 1 $100 package.

Free Upgrade – Save 50%
Order 3 or more $250 Travel Savings Dollars plans (to give away to your friends/family) and we automatically upgrade you to $500 Travel Saving Dollars, saving you 50% on your order.

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