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Things To Remember
Before Posting

Things To Remember Before Posting

It is very important to review the terms and conditions of each group before posting promotional material. Several groups do not allow posting links or promotional material – lucky for you, we have a backup option you can use if the groups are RELEVANT and ACTIVE.

NOTE: RELEVANT means groups centered around travel, and ACTIVE means posts are getting regular engagement and likes. 

Text Ads For Groups That Do Not Allow Links

There are several groups that allow regular posts between group members, but any sort of promotional material is against group rules. For those, it is always best to adopt a “recommendation” based approach, where you can share your “experience” and ask others to reach out if they need more information.

Text Ads For Groups That Allow Links

For groups that allow promotions and group links, the posting process is much easier. We still recommend using an “experience storytelling” based approach as this produces the best results. Click the button below to view these text ads.

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