Nonprofit PARTNER Program

Due to the new tax laws regarding donations, it has become difficult to get people to donate to your cause, especially after dealing with the recent COVID-19 crisis.

Travel Planet Network now offers a great way for your organization to raise money. It doesn’t require any “selling” the services we offer with our program are supremely beneficial for the donor ⏤ it sells itself.

Nonprofits now have the opportunity to provide their donors 10 times the value of their donations in Travel Savings (and who doesn’t love to travel?). Our program grants your donors access to our Private Booking Engine that offers up to $500 BELOW the prices shown on PUBLIC online travel agency websites, such as Expedia, Hotels.com, Priceline, Booking.com and more.

Donors simply pay for the amount of savings they desire:


$10 for $100 in Travel Savings

$25 for $250 in Travel Savings

$50 for $500 in Travel Savings


Your Nonprofit keeps 50% of each REFERRED ORDER!

Some Extra Pros to Our Travel Saving Program…

No Travel Restrictions.
No Blackout Dates.
No Timeshare Presentations to attend.

🚙  🚎 🎭 🏄🏻
Plus, donors get access to additional savings
on Car Rentals, Tours, Attractions & Activities.

Our program makes fundraising easy

No selling - Our service sells itself.
Just distribute our digital marketing materials and high-converting postcards containing your REFERRAL ID.

You can make other organizations your partner by having them distribute your marketing materials to their audience, which benefits your nonprofit directly.

How Your Nonprofit Can generate money


Your organization signs up for a free account to get its personal “REFERRAL ID” which is printed on the back of the marketing postcard and used via digital marketing.


You have two options to promote our services for your nonprofit to raise funds:

1) Simply send out email newsletter campaigns to your donors, where you would include your Referral ID URL for them to click and purchase their Travel Savings Access Code.

2) Distribute our high-converting marketing postcards by displaying and/or handing these out to people interested in saving money on their next hotel booking. These are great to use at fundraising events, charity galas, and to include in swag bags. You can also get one of your sponsors to cover the cost of the postcards and have your sponsor use the ad space to promote their business’ products and/or services (everyone wins!).

See samples below and hover over the images to view the back of the card.


Your organization will earn 50% per transaction ⏤ even up to 60 days after the consumer goes to the website using YOUR “REFERRAL ID” URL for the first time.

Our simple travel saving program provides your nonprofit PROFITABLE FUNDRAISING opportunities:

  • When a donor makes a $50 purchase, your nonprofit receives $25
  • When a donor makes a $25 purchase, your nonprofit receives $12.50
  • When a donor makes a $10 purchase, your nonprofit receives $5

Easy, Right?

Why You should Partner With Us

Behind the scenes

  • Donors Receive Guaranteed Savings
    If you have not received at least 3 times the savings that you paid over the course of one year, We will refund double the amount you paid. Learn More.
  • Customer Service 
    If a donor placed an order and has questions about our program, they can simply contact us online or send us an email.  If they have any issues with a hotel or resort, they call that property directly.
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • We handle ALL credit card transactions with ZERO charge to you.
  • Online Tracking
    Utilize our “Back-Office” to track earnings (24/7)
  • Funding
    Earned funds are sent directly to you bi-weekly

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Fill out our form below, and one of our representatives will contact you to get your nonprofit started in our program.  

Have questions? Please check out our FAQs.

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