Frequently Asked Questions

Once you’ve purchased your Travel Savings Dollars (TSD), you will immediately receive an email containing a UNIQUE Activation Code and Pin Number, along with the URL of the website you need to go to for activating your account.

Once activated, you can log in to search for a variety of listings and book your trip. There is NOTHING TO JOIN, NO BLACKOUT DATES, and NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS to attend.

When you search for a hotel/resort, you will see the price AND an option to COMPARE PRICES that are posted LIVE on other Public Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), such as Expedia, Priceline, etc.

The Travel Savings Dollars (what you see in green, see screenshot below) is the difference between what Public OTAs charge and the prices offered on our Private OTA.  If you don’t believe this, simply go to any Public OTA (i.e., and conduct a search for the same property.  Please keep in mind that hotels base their prices on three factors: 1) The type of accommodations,  2) The length of stay, and 3) The time of year. So, prices will vary depending on your vacation days, be sure to input the exact same criteria when performing a comparison search.

Your Travel Savings Dollars are displayed in green.
Instead of paying $3,042, you would only pay $, 2,576 for the trip below.

Absolute NOT!  You do not need to subscribe or join a membership to access our Private OTA. Simply purchase any package of Travel Savings Dollars you choose at 10% of the face amount (i.e. $10 for $100 Travel Savings Dollars). Travel Savings Dollars NEVER EXPIRE and you are free to allow anyone to log in and use the savings towards bookings.

*Please note that once you create your account, you will not be able to add more Travel Savings Dollars to that specific account, you will have to create another account (using another email address) when you want to purchase more TSDs.

No.  Your Travel Savings Dollars is the money you will save when you or a user books a hotel/resort/car rental/more ⏤ see screenshot below for an example.

If you purchased $500 in Travel Savings you would only end up using $220 on the booking below.
Instead of paying $3,120, you would only pay $2,900 for this trip, and you would have $280 left for you to use towards another booking.

Possibly, it just depends on the booking.  For hotels, it depends on the time of year, the type of accommodations, and the length of stay.  On many week-long packages, you may be able to use the entire Travel Savings Dollars all at once. Once you choose a property, you will be able to instantly see how many Travel Savings Dollars can be used towards the booking (always displayed in green text).  

No. There is no minimum stay required. You can stay for a minimum of 1 night or the maximum nights allowed for that hotel.
Reservations booked on the website cannot be changed or modified once booked, but may be cancelled per the terms and conditions. Cancellation policies will vary depending on the hotel or resort you selected. Cancelled reservations may incur a cancellation fee.

No. For the best deals, we recommend you call the airlines directly to book your flights. We also recommend using Google Flights to check deals.

According to a study, the cheapest days for flights are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

No. The person activating the savings code must be the person traveling and/or using the service.

Once you activate your savings code, your account remains locked to the first and last name you entered upon sign-up. Your savings code cannot be transferred and the personal information cannot be changed; therefore, you must use the name on your government-issued ID when activating your savings code.

Yes. A non-activated savings code is fully transferable. Once again, an activated savings code cannot be transferred and personal information cannot be changed. The person activating the savings code must be the person traveling or using the service.

Unfortunately, you cannot use points or miles.

Once you’ve placed your booking on our Private OTA, if you happen to experience any issues with your booking, you will need to contact the provider directly (i.e. hotel, resort, car rental company, etc.). We do not collect any money on the bookings, the money you spend with us only provides you access to the savings that are offered towards bookings. 

It depends. Some hotels may or may not have upgrade specials after you book. We recommend you call the hotel directly before booking on our platform. We simply display the discounted rates the hotels provide us.

When using our platform, you will be able to see what most PUBLIC OTAs (Expedia,, etc.) charge for you to compare the savings that are offered to you. If you’re skeptical, you can always go to their sites and check for yourself. 

What we are offering is a TRIAL SUBSCRIPTION to our Private OTA Booking Platform, WITHOUT JOINING ANYTHING.

You are always free to purchase additional Travel Savings Dollars by creating another account using a different email address each time you are looking to save on your next booking.

We will be offering a paid membership program in the near future where you will be able to access even greater savings without having to purchase Travel Savings Dollars. The cost to join will be a one-time $139 setup fee, along with a $47/month subscription fee. There will be NO CONTRACT, meaning you will be able to cancel at any time.

No, only one code can be used per account, and using a different email address each time per account.

Each activation code requires its own account using a different email address each time.

Most online booking engines (called OTAs – Online Travel Agencies) are PUBLIC SITES which sell discounted bookings at RETAIL pricing. Our booking engine is A PRIVATE OTA – which is not available to the general public even though we offer the exact same properties which are priced BELOW what Public booking engines charge (i.e., Expedia, Priceline, and others).

So how can a PRIVATE OTA sell for less than the Big Guys?  All private and public OTAs earn a commission when someone books a trip on their platform.  PUBLIC OTAs buy advertising with part of their commission. If you don’t know, we’re here to tell you that commercials cost a lot of money to produce and to advertise, which is precisely why Public OTAs markup the discounted prices they receive. Instead of spending loads of money on advertising, we simply require a small fee to give you access to the discounted prices on bookings.

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