affiliate program Overview

Earn of ALL Referred Orders!

Get Paid Every !!

“How?” You ask…

Here’s What we offer to Your Potential customers

Benefits for Everyone

We provide travelers a GUARANTEED SAVINGS up to $500 below the prices shown on Expedia, Travelocity,, Priceline,, and many other booking engines simply by utilizing our PRIVATE BOOKING ENGINE.

Our exclusive booking engine has over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, including 5-star properties.  In fact, it contains the SAME PROPERTIES that all major public engines use, but at substantially lower prices.

We hate gimmicks, so there’s no catch!
To gain access to these amazing deals, travelers simply pay for the amount of savings they desire:

$10 for $100 in savings
$25 for $250 in savings
$50 for $500 in savings


You keep 50% of each REFERRED ORDER!

Some Extra Pros…
No Travel Restrictions.  No Blackout Dates.
No Timeshare Presentations to attend.

Plus, access to additional savings on Car Rentals, Tours, Attractions & Activities.

Wait, There’s More…

You can earn a 10% commission on every order that is generated via a sub-affiliate who signs up using your affiliate URL.

EXAMPLE: You sign up your mom and every order she generates she will receive 50%, and YOU will receive 10%.

Hate Selling? No problem!

Simply tell people about the amazing discounts they can get and voilĂ !

Don’t like to talk to people? No worries, just hand them a postcard and let our high-converting consumer marketing postcards speak for you.


Why Becoming an affiliate is worth it


  • You'll earn 50% commission on every referred order!
  • In addition, you'll also earn 10% more by adding partners (other partner affiliates) who wish to earn the same money!
  • All referral earnings are tracked automatically via PostAffiliatePro affiliate tracking software.
  • Earned referral commissions are paid every 2 weeks to your PayPal account (free to setup)!
  • You can promote using our pre-designed digital ads (no cost) or you can order ready-made 4" x 6" postcards printed with your special referral ID URL starting from only $89 (optional), which includes free shipping.

*Currently we are waiving the signup fee.


The Process Is Easy

  • Simply complete the sign up form to receive your referral ID
  • Add your referral ID to the promotional materials (whether digital or printed)
  • Promote! Post the digital ads on social media or order postcards and distribute them in person to people interested in receiving incredible savings on their hotel and resort stays.

Handy Tools & Great Support

We aim to support you by providing you with our promotional materials, which are easy to use and are updated as design and website trends evolve. This allows you the flexibility to use them when and how you choose to do so.

24/7 Back Office & Reports

To better track your earnings, we provide you with a helpful FREE “back-office” tool for you to access 24/7 ⏤ currently with NO monthly fees. View and print your reports for your own personal records and tax purposes.

Due to the covid-19 outbreak, our launch date has been postponed until further notice. Please be safe and take care of yourself during these unusual times.

We welcome you to join our waitlist, and by filling out the form below you will receive $20 off your first postcards order.
Have questions? Check out our FAQs.