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About The Nonprofit

How UNICEF Is Helping Children In Ukraine


The war in Ukraine is having a devastating impact on the country’s 7.5 million children. Humanitarian needs are multiplying by the hour as the fighting continues. Children continue to be killed, wounded and deeply traumatized by the violence all around them. Families are terrified, in shock, and desperate for safety.

The past eight years of conflict in Ukraine have already inflicted profound and lasting harm on children. Now, the threats to Ukraine’s children have only grown. By 21 April, more than 5.1 million refugees had fled Ukraine, around half of them children. Millions more people have been internally displaced. Such large-scale displacements could have lasting consequences for generations to come. Children fleeing war in Ukraine are also at heightened risk of human trafficking and exploitation. 

UNICEF is providing life-saving help to children inside Ukraine and in neighbouring countries- but the needs are enormous. They cannot do this without your support. Please Donate now.

Since day one, UNICEF is on the ground, working around the clock to scale up life-saving programmes for children and their families. This includes:

  • Providing lifesaving supplies such as water and hygiene kits, medicines, warm clothes and blankets
  • First-aid kits, surgical kits, and oxygen concentrators to those affected by the violence

Every penny counts. According to UNICEF’s estimate, a $90 donation helps provide 2 families with an Emergency – water, sanitation and hygiene kit. 

Their financial reporting is fully transparent. UNICEF’s commitment to being open and transparent has been demonstrated by continuous efforts to scale up the quality, depth and timeliness of the programme and financial data released to the public

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