When someone donates $10, $25 or $50, through this program, they will receive 10 times back in immediate TRAVEL SAVINGS and BENEFITS – up to $500 BELOW the prices shown on PUBLIC online booking engines – simply by booking on our PRIVATE platform.

Why should you become our Affiliate


  • If a donor chooses $500, the access fee is $50, schools receive $25.00
  • If a donor chooses $250, the access fee is $25, schools receive $12.50
  • If a donor chooses $100, the access fee is $10. schools receive $5.00

Over 1,000,000 Properties

Worldwide properties – (including 5-star). There are over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide (it’s the SAME PROPERTIES listed on 90% of all the popular PUBLIC Travel Booking Sites at lower prices

We are here to help

Track your earned commission 24/7 with a FREE “back-office” tool

Guaranteed Savings

Consumers are guaranteed to receive TWICE in value that they paid for their TSD’s. This means that if a consumer spent $50 for $500 TSD’s, they are GUARANTEED TO SAVE AT LEAST $100 when they use our PRIVATE booking engine.

Behind the scenes

  • Customer Service
  • All Credit Card Transactions
  • A “Back-Office” to track earnings (24/7)
  • Earned funds are sent directly to the school bi-weekly

Why our affiliates are happy

No selling & no money is handled directly by students

Just distribute our marketing materials containing your REFERRAL ID

You can make other organizations your partner by distributing your materials to their audience which would benefit your school directly

How does Schools generate money


Schools sign up for free account to get their personal “REFERRAL ID” which will be printed on the back of the marketing postcard


Sponsors (optional) can pay for the printing of the postcards.


Students hand them to their parents, relatives, neighbours and local businesses by asking 2 questions: (1) When you travel, do you ever stay in hotels or resort? If they say YES, the student then says: (2) Would you like to know how to get $500 in discounts on hotels and resorts worldwide?” If the response is yes, the student hands them a postcard.