Rideshare drivers

Whether you drive Uber or Lyft  for a living, or to make extra money on the side, you know how much you have to drive to make $1,000 in a week. We can offer you a way to dramatically decrease how far you have to travel to make that same amount…without having to sell anything! Our Travel Savings Dollars present you with a way to make up to $25 per customer! Take a look…

How does it work


Sign up for a FREE REFERRAL ID, then order the postcards that you will pass out in order to earn your $25 commission.


Ask your customer a couple of questions: 1) Are you staying at a hotel or resort? 2) Would you like a chance to save $500 on hotels and resorts worldwide?


When they say yes,  simply hand them a postcard that has your referral ID. The postcard does the selling for you.


When travelers access the website with your referral ID printed upon it within 60 days, you will earn your commission…(which you can track in your back-office for free)!

Why You Should Work With Us


  • You will earn an incredible 50% commission on any sale!
  • Travelers will receive $500 in discounts for a $50 purchase of Travel Savings Dollars. You will earn $25 per sale!
  • Travelers also have the option of purchasing $250 or $100 in savings for $25 or $10 respectively. You will earn $12.50 and $5 per sale!


Over 1,000,000 properties are available to travelers at discounted prices worldwide! These are the same properties listed on 90% of the popular travel sites including Priceline, Expedia, Travelocity and others, at a lower price! (see samples on our homepage slider.


NO SELLING INVOLVED! That’s right...you won’t have to spend you valuable time attempting to convince anyone! Plus, you will be able to write off your travel expenses along the way!

Guaranteed Consumer Savings

Consumers are guaranteed to receive TWICE in value that they paid. For Example, if a consumer spent $50 for $500 Travel Savings Dollars, they are GUARANTEED TO SAVE AT LEAST $100 when they book using our PRIVATE booking engine.

Behind the scenes

  • We Handle Customer Questions
  • We Process All Credit Card Transactions
  • We Provide A FREE “Back-Office” To Track Your Income
  • We Provided Access To An Array of Free Digital Marketing Ads
  • Optional: You Can Order POSTCARDS (Printed With Your Referral-ID, and Shipped To You For FREE.

We are excited to launch very soon!
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