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How Retailers can generate sales without discounting using

The Wholesale Travel Savings Card



The restaurant business is highly competitive.  Instead of using Groupon (which kills your profits) or offering 2-For-1 discounts, consider using the Travel Savings Gift that can cost you under $3.  You will increase your profits and your wait staff will make more tips too.


Clothing  & Shoe Stores

Most, if not all retailers run sales – based on some type of savings (discounts).  By using the Travel Savings Gift, retailers can now offer the card and increase their profits.  For example, buy 3 pairs of shoes and get a $200 Wholesale Travel Savings Card.


Bike Shops

More and more companies are getting into the business and it’s becoming very competitive.  Of course, you can advertise discounts, however, that eats into your profits.  For less than $3,  you can offer new customers a $200 or $2000 in Travel Savings Gift when they make a purchase.  Or you can offer past customers the WTSC when they get their bikes tuned or purchase accessories.


Jewelry Stores

Almost every woman loves jewelry, not to mention the abundance of men who are looking for wedding rings.  To set your store apart, it’s a great incentive for customers to make a purchase when they can receive a $1000 Travel Savings Gift gift with purchase.  It’s also a great form of in-store “branding” when consumers can see your message on the card back.

car sales

Auto Sales

Car dealers are all looking for a competitive way to attract people looking to purchase. Furthermore, they spend a great deal of money advertising in print as well as TV.  To drive traffic to their store, they can offer the Travel Savings Gift to people who take a test-drive.


Furniture & Mattress Stores

Making a purchase for new furniture can be daunting.  So many choices, price points.  Fortunately, most buying decisions are made on the 1st or 2nd visit.  While most companies promote “sales”, offering the Travel Savings Gift as a “gift with purchase” can make the decision easier.

Remember, the Travel Savings Gift has a high-value when used, but a low cost (as little as $1.47).


Auto Parts

This is a highly competitive industry – which is usually based solely on who has the best price.  Using the Travel Savings Gift incentive can give a huge edge.  We can offer exclusives based on zip codes or regions based on the quantity of the order.


Tire Stores

Every car needs tires at some point.  As a result, this is a MUST HAVE product.  Using Travel Savings Gift can set your business apart from the pack.  Simply promote this in your windows and your ads.  Another way is to send a promotion to all your past customers.

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