Promote WITHOUT Discounting

How to Increase Response From ANY Ad
WITHOUT Promoting Discounts.

4 Ways To Get Traffic And Generate Sales.

Every business company or small business owners are constantly seeking cost effective ways to generate more sales while at the same time, increase profits.

Here are 4 options.   

  1. Have a product that everyone likes, wants, regardless of price.
  • You can see this with products like Apple or In-N-Out Burgers
  1. Have a product that everyone likes and can’t refuse the price.
  • Maybe you bought a closeout and can make a great profit selling it below what your competitors would sell the same product/service for
  1. Offer a discount.
  • You have to be very careful when discounting a product or service. The discount needs to be large enough to get a person to take action.  Keep in mind, discounting cuts into your profits.  The problem is that your “Competitors can always offer less.”  If you have very little or no competition (online or offline), then the percentage offered can be low.  Again, the objective is to get people to take action (come-in or buy).
  1. Provide Gift with Purchase.
  • It must provide a substantial HIGH-VALUE. The higher the value will usually result in higher sales, provided it is promoted AND cost substantially lower than you would have offered with a discount.   NOTE: While hats, tee-shirts, calendars, posters mugs, pens or small electronics may have a low-cost, they don’t have HIGH-VALUE.

Gift with purchase is better than discounting as It can more drive traffic in the door provided the offer is big enough at a cost lower than you give as a discount. 

As a consumer, ask yourself this…

As a consumer, “Would you rather get $50 discount on a product or service OR receive a $200 Travel Savings Gift (up to $1000) that can be used at hotels, resorts, all-inclusive luxury condos, and more with NO blackout dates, nothing to join, no expiration dates, and no timeshare presentations to attend?

The truth is most consumers would take the promotion over money.=

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