Specs & Pricing

  • Size: 4″ x 6″ flat, folded to 3″ wide to 4″ high. full color both sides with UV coating. Perfect size to fit inside most greeting/holiday cards.
Orders OVER 2500 units are custom made according to your specs. Below are elements you can customize.
  • Add your logo or personal message on front page.
  • Inside right and back cover available to print any message you choose. Just provide camera-ready artwork.
  • You choose the VALUE (in blocks of 2500 units.)
  • You can choose a photo (must be 800px x 600px at 300 dpi or larger)

Pricing is based solely on QUANTITY, NOT VALUE.  The minimum order for fully customized Travel Gift is 2500 units.   If less that 2500, Travel Planet Network will choose the ads.  

To lower the price, you can order 5000 units at $1.97 each and split it into 2 different VALUES.  For example, 2500 $100 Travel Gifts and 2500 $500 Travel Gifts.   

500 Units

$6.97 each

1,000 Units

$4.97 each

1,500 Units

$3.97 each

2,500 Units

$2.97 each

5,000 Units

$1.97 each

10,000 Units

$1.47 each

2,5000 Units

$1.17 each

50,000 Units