Partner Program Overview

And Get Paid !!

“How?” You ask…

Here’s What we offer to Your Potential customers


Why Becoming a Partner is worth it

We provide travelers ACCESS to a PRIVATE TRAVEL PORTAL that has GUARANTEED SAVINGS up to $500 BELOW the prices shown on Expedia, Travelocity,, Priceline, and many other booking engines. It’s similar to what travel agents use.

Our exclusive booking engine has over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, including 5-star properties.  In fact, it contains 99% of the SAME PROPERTIES that all major public travel booking engines use, but at substantially lower prices.

No gimmicks, so there’s NO catch!
Travelers simply pay for the amount of savings they desire:

$10 for $100 in savings
$25 for $250 in savings
$50 for $500 in savings


Partners keep up to 50% of each referral!

Some Extra Pros to Our Travel Saving Program…
No Travel Restrictions.  No Blackout Dates.
No Timeshare Presentations to attend.

Plus, access to additional savings on Car Rentals, Tours, Attractions & Activities.

Wait, There’s More…

Some Partners can earn an additional 10% referral commission on every referral order generated via one of your team partners who signs up USING YOUR REFERRAL URL.

EXAMPLE: You sign up your mom, She will receive 50%, and YOU will receive 10%.

Don’t like to Sell? No problem!

Simply tell people about the amazing discounts they can receive and voilĂ !

Don’t like to talk to people? That’s fine, just hand them a postcard and let our high-converting consumer marketing postcards speak for you.


  • You'll earn up to 50% commission on every referred order!
  • Depending on which type of partner you choose to become, you can earn an additional 10% more by adding partners (other partner affiliates) who wish to earn the same money!
  • All referral earnings are tracked automatically via PostAffiliatePro affiliate tracking software.
  • Earned referral commissions are paid every 2 weeks directly to your PayPal account! (you must have a PayPal account.)
  • Please the information below on how you you can get your FREE REREFFER ID.
  • You can promote using our pre-designed digital ads (no cost) or you can order ready-made 4" x 6" postcards printed with your special referral ID URL starting from only $89 (optional), which includes free shipping.

Why should you become our Partner

Earning Potential

  • Travelers save $500 for a $50 investment.  Depending on the TYPE of account you select, you can receive up to a 50% referral fee.
  • Travelers have 2 additional options: Save $250 with a $25 investment or $100 for a $10 investment

Amazing Benefits

1,000,000 Worldwide properties available – (including 5-star)! These are the SAME PROPERTIES listed on 90% of all the popular PUBLIC travel booking sites like Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbitz, and others, at much lower prices.


Our promotional materials are easy to use, and give you the flexibility to use them when and where you choose to do so.

Support Team

To better follow your earnings, we provide you with a very helpful FREE “back-office” tool for use 24/7 for a low monthly fee.

Membership Options

Limited Partner

$ 0 $0 Monthly
  • You wiil receive 30% on all new Premium or Business Partner Setup Fees You Generate.
  • You can purchase 200 4"x6" special business cards: $47.

Premium Partner

$ 197 + $19.95 Monthly (Starting 2nd Mo.)
  • You will receive 50% when you sign up a new premium or business partner. 1-time only.
  • You will receive 50% on each direct consumer referral using your Referral-URL
  • You will receive 10% bonus for each consumer referral generated by anyone from your team.
  • You will receive 500 Consumer Marketing Full-Color Postcards printed with your own Referral URL.
  • You will receive 200 4"x6" special business cards are included when you signup.
  • Complete Back Office with access to all of our marketing materials.
  • No Contract. You can cancel anytime, before next billing cycle.

Business Partner

$ 197 Monthly
  • You will receive 50% from each consumer referral, who uses YOUR Referral-URL.
  • You will receive 50% when you sign up a new premium or business partner (1st month only). Perfect for franchise operators.
  • You will receive 10% bonus for each paid consumer generated from any of YOUR Premium or Business Partners.
  • Includes 1000 marketing postcards monthly (with ad space you can change each month).
  • Free Advertising On Your Marketing Postcards.
  • Complete Back Office with access to all of our marketing materials.
  • Includes 4 - $500 Access Codes each month that you can sell or giveaway to your best customers. (A $200 Value).
  • No Contract. Can cancel anytime before next billing cycle.

below are 6 different partner options