When getting consumers to “take-action”, it’s NOT always about PRICE. It’s also about the VALUE of the offer!

To INCREASE PROFITS is offering a HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST promotion that will motivate consumers to “take action” in making a purchase decision or attend an event . 

For less than $2, you can now give away a totally customized HIGH-VALUE “Travel Savings Gift” (valued up to $1000) to generate traffic and close sales.

Consumer Benefits

  • 1,000.000 Properties (including 5-Star)
  • Weekly “HOT” Promotional Deals
  • Tickets, Tours & Activities
  • Car Retail Discounts
  • And Much More


Only participating merchants. companies, and/or corporations can offer this gift to their audience in order to increase traffic. 

If you are currently spending more than $2 to get people to TAKE-ACTION, you’re losing money.  

  • bali
  • chicago
  • LA
  • las vegas
  • new york
  • Orlando
  • rome
  • san francisco
  • sydney

The fact is, it’s much more than a Travel Savings Card.

Business Benefits
  • You Choose the Value for the Gifts ($50 to $1000) for Different Promotions You’re Promoting. (Note: price is determined on the quantity, not the “value” of the gift.)
  • Personalized Branding – Option to Add Your Logo.
  • 2 Free Ad Panels To Promote Anything You Choose. 
  • Choice of 2 Background Photos.

What’s the Catch?

There is none! Think of this like a membership to Costco, but without having to join anything. We want people to experience how they can save more on travel without having to invest one dime.

Since we don’t advertising, businesses owners can purchase (in bulk) our activation codes with different values to give away ranging from $100 to $1,000, You determine the value you think will get your customers to TAKE ACTION, then promote it.

There are 4 “values” of the gifts: $100, $250, $500 and $1000. These “values” represent the max savings your customers will receive when they use our private booking engine. There is no cost for your customers. Once they get a taste and see how easy it is to saving on travel (not including air), they can then choose to become a paid member for under $50 per month with no contract.

How It Works

All online booking engines receive commissions each time someone books travel through their website. PUBLIC booking engines (Expedia, Priceline, Booking.com, etc.) uses a part of their commission to advertise.  

Our PRIVATE booking engine partner doesn’t advertise.  Instead, they use part of their commission to simply reduce the room cost.  Each time the user book a stay, the savings is automatically subtracted from their TRAVEL SAVING ACCOUNT (the GIFT).    

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