Nonprofit Organizations

Due to the new tax laws regarding donations, it has become harder to get people to donate to your cause. We have created a NEW OPPORTUNITY TO HELP.

GIVE $50, GET $500

When they donate $50 through this program, they will receive 10 times back in immediate TRAVEL SAVINGS and BENEFITS – up to $500 BELOW the prices shown on PUBLIC online booking engines. Best of all, you'll receive 50% of the revenue received.

How Nonprofits generate moneY

Step 1.

  Sign up to get your FREE "REFERRAL ID

Step 2.

Simply send Out our digital ads To your Donors with your REFERRAL ID attached.

Step 3.

Your organization will earn 50% per transaction - even up to 60 days after the consumer goes to The Website using Your "REFERRAL ID" URL for the first time.

Why should you become our Affiliate

People have 3 options to donate

  • When donors purchase $500 in discounts for $50, you’ll receive $25.00
  • When they purchase $250 in discounts for $25, you’ll receive $12.50
  • When they purchase $100 in discounts for $10,  you’ll receive $5.00
  • No selling. Just distribute our marketing materials containing your referral ID
  • Potential donors place their order directly online.
  • You can also partner with other organizations who have a desire to help your organization by distributing our promotion materials to THEIR audience that will benefit YOUR organization directly.  For their help, we can offer them 10% to cover any costs or they can elect to give it back to you.
  • Money is immediately credited to your account that you can view 24/7. Payment is sent out bi-monthly, direct deposit.

Guaranteed Savings

Consumers are guaranteed to receive TWICE in value that they paid for their TSD’s. This means that if a consumer spent $50 for $500 TSD’s, they are GUARANTEED TO SAVE AT LEAST $100 when they use our PRIVATE booking engine

Behind the scenes

  • Customer Service
  • All Credit Card Transactions
  • A “Back-Office” to track earnings (24/7)
  • Earned funds are sent directly to the school bi-weekly