There are literally thousands of industries who can benefit tremendously by using Travel Planet Network.  Our HIGH-VALUE, LOW-COST marketing “strategy” can generate foot-traffic, close sales, and generate revenue while creating profits for our Marketing Partners.


Earn $25K+ in 90 Days or Less.  

Step One: Setup Your Sales Force (Business Partners).  

Your sales force primarily consists of either individuals who wish to become a partner or business owners looking for an option to attract new customers and help to close sales.  These “Business Partners” (your salesforce), promote Travel Planet Network to their customers. 

We have TWO types of Marketing Partners – Limited and Premium.  Limited Partners get paid to setup new partner accounts (Premium and Business), while Premium Marketing Partners get paid two additional ways.  They receive referral fees (50%) for every “consumer transaction” personally generated PLUS 10% more from consumer transactions generated from the Premium Partner or from partners they have set up. 

How To Build Your Salesforce – WITHOUT SELLING

It’s SUPER EASY to Build Your Salesforce!  

You simply show how Travel Planet Network works by doing a 10 minute demo by offering them a $100 Travel Saving Plan for free.  There is nothing to join, no purchase is required and there are no gimmicks.  It’s how we introduce and our company.  

All we require is for you to meet with the owner (or general manager), set up their free $100 account and show them how to use it. That’s it!  At the end of your demo, you will ask if they would like to know how they can use this to attract new customers, close sales, and generate additional revenue without selling more.  

The Numbers

The Benefits Of Limited and Premium Partners.

  • Limited Partner earn 30% ($60) by setting up Partners (Premium or Business Partners).  However, to reach the target of $25,000 in 90 days, you will need to average 6.5 setups per day.

  • Premium Partners earn 50% ($98) setting up other Premium or Business Partners PLUS they have the ability to promote Travel Planet Network to consumers.  If a consumer purchases one of 3 Travel Savings Plans, the Premium Partner will earn 50% of the transaction.  In addition, Premium Partners earn an additional 10% from each consumer who places an order from one of your Partners (Premium or Business) you’ve setup.  To reach $25K, you need will average less than 2 setups per day.

Keep in mind, that when you do a demo, you will go Travel Planet Network – USING THE PARTNERS REFERRAL ID.   This way, if they don’t sign up immediately or purchase a $500 Travel Savings Plan immediate, you will still get paid even it’s up to 60 days later.

The Timing Couldn’t Be Better 

Fortunately, some people are starting to return to work.  More and more are WANTING to travel again, but are hesitant due to the Covid-19 or don’t have the extra money.  

There are two things we know for sure, 1) millions of people are looking for ways of generating income (Partner Opportunities) and 2) million will be wanting to travel – “somewhere” – even if they drive.   

So, the timing of promoting Travel Planet Network is right on target and is the perfect time to get setup, organized, and ready for the coming months ahead – especially when consumers can see the savings and benefits using Travel Planet Network.


How Does it work?

We have created a list of what we think are excellent markets to utilize Travel Planet Network.   As you go through these examples, we are sure it will trigger something inside you that will get you excited to join our team.  Lets go have some FUN!

Select Your Business Type to Learn More

Instead of advertising a 2-for-1 promotion (where restaurants lose money), your restaurant can INCREASE profits by promoting our travel discounts to your guests by letting them know how to receive up to $500 in savings on worldwide hotels or resorts for a small fee when they dine in. Your restaurant can promote THREE WAYS. They can 1) advertise this promotion to attract new customers on their website, 2) place a small table-top stand on each table to display our “4” x 6” postcard, or 3) place the postcard in their guests check presenters. Our one-sided postcard will let your guests know to ask their server for details. When requested, the server would hand them the two-sided consumer marketing postcard, which explains how to take advantage of our three different travel deals. Our high-converting and focus group tested marketing postcards also offer ad space allowing your restaurant to offer consumers a free or discounted dessert, appetizer, or beverage on their next visit.

Tour bus companies can dramatically increase tours by offering consumers $500 in savings on their next hotel or resort booking when they sign up for a tour. Tour buses simply place our high-converting and focus group tested postcards on each seat prior to loading passengers. In addition, our postcards offer ad space, which allow tour bus companies to promote other tours, products or services. As an option, and to allow tour bus companies to earn extra revenue with no out-of-pocket investment, we can provide FREE POSTCARDS ⏤ however, the ad space would be sold to a non-competing business, and the commission would decrease from 50% to 25% of the commission.

Simply ask rideshare drivers if they would like information how they can increase their income – up to $25 per passenger, without selling anything.  If the driver says yes, hand them RECRUITMENT postcard that provides the driver how it works and what they need to do.  There are hundred’s, (if not thousands) of rideshare drivers in every major city. Driver will need to become a PREMIUM MARKETING PARTNER in order to distribute their postcards. 

Note:  Drivers in tourist cities average 10-20 passengers per day. During the ride, the driver simply asks the passenger if they would like information how they can save up to $500 on worldwide hotels and/or resorts for a flat $50.  If they say yes, the driver simply hands the passenger a postcard.    

Retailers can run ads to drive traffic in their store by offering consumers up to $500 in Travel Savings for a flat $50. They can either advertise the promotion to attract potential new customers by adding “No Purchase Is Necessary”, or they can give consumers a postcard when checking out at the register. Our high-converting and focus group tested marketing postcards also offer “ad space”, which allows retailers to promote any additional products or sales.
If you work for any large company and are required to make as many sales presentations as possible or simply work on straight commission, offering your prospects a $100 Travel Savings Plan (that will cost you $5), is a great way to open doors (give a proposal).  On the other hand, if you close the sale, you can offer a $500 Travel Saving Plan instead – (costing you $25).  You can advertise the promotion to attract new potential customers by adding “No Purchase Is Necessary”.
Chambers are designed to support local business owners.  Chambers have the ability to offer their members a unique opportunity to attract customers and create an additional profit center – for both the business owner AND the Chamber itself.  When the Chamber chooses to become our “Business Partner”, they will earn $98 when each business also becomes a Business Partner.  When each participating business owner will receive 50% each time a consumer places an order, the CHAMBER will earn 10% as well more.   The chamber can also offer members a 50% discount ($98) when the signup.
Credit unions and banks love providing their members with additional benefits! All they need to do is send out our high-converting and focus group tested postcards or digital marketing collateral with their referral id to their members. Another option is to use the promotion to attract new members or when someone applies for a new loan. The revenue that is generated could be used as another profit center, given to a charity, or anything they choose.
If you’re looking to make money quickly, finding TRAVEL BLOGGERS can be a goldmine for you.  Simply set them up as one of your new Premium Marketing Partners can put a boatload of money in your pocket fast.  Many Travel Bloggers have huge followers and lots of engagements with them.  All they have to do is promote Travel Planet Network to their audience.  When they do, THEY will earn 50% for each order, however, YOU will earn 10% override as well.  It’s like a cash-cow.
I am sure I don’t have to tell you the powerful affects social media marketing has today.  It’s simple and you can easily reach a lots of people very quickly.  We have developed a special “Facebook image poster” where you can very easily post one of 30 different images along with pre-written content in 20 seconds of less to your timeline. This special tool will even embed your special REFERRAL ID within the post.  When someone clicks on your post, they will be instantly “linked” to you for 60 days (as long as you were the first person from Travel Planet Network.


We don’t want you to feel alone. This is why we have created several ways to help you get started.  Different partner levels provide different benefits.  

Whether you’re a Limited or Premium Partner, your goal is to demo Travel Planet Network to as many business owners as possible.  

This is a “leave-behind” tool providing  just enough information to create curiosity to potential “Business Partners” who don’t have the time to meet with you instantly.  It provides a way for your contact you at a later date/time.  It will also contain YOUR REFERRAL LINK to “tag them” to you, even if they don’t signup right away.   

  • Cost for Limited Partner: $27 (200 delivered)
  • Cost for Premium Partner: $27 – 30% Discount Coupon

Premium Partners have several options and tools to market to consumers, especially with our Facebook digital ad poster.  

Facebook Groups

We will provide you with access to our Facebook Group.  Each week, we will be telling you about different ways of using Travel Planet Network.  All Partners are asked to share, so everyone wins.  

What are Referral-Marketing Postcards? 

Use this postcard to help build your temp by simply asking others if they a part-time job that requrires NO SELLING.  If yes, hand them one of your postcards, and perhaps take a few minutes to tell the what Travel Planet Network does and how it works.  Use this postcard to build a team of “Marketing Agents”.  Use the Businesscard-Postcard to hand out to business owners.    

Printed Materials

  • Recruitment Postcards:  Used by Limited and Premium Marketing Partners to help generate PARTNER signups without selling.

  • Consumer Postcards:  Used only by Premium Marketing Partners to help generate consumer referrals.  

Note:  Premium Marketing Partners will receive a 30% coupon when they sign up, to be applied against our Consumer Marketing or Recruitment Postcards (to help build your team). Either option will have your REFERRAL ID printed on the back. All you need to do is hand them out.  

Digital Ads

PREMIUM Marketing Partners can quickly and easily post our well-designed digital ads on Facebook including the text to go along with each of the 30 options – all within 20 seconds.  However, only Premium Marketing Partners receive referral fees generated from consumer orders. 

Potential Earnings:  

Limited Partners:  4 demo’s per day (20/wk),  6 signed up = $600 per week.   

Premium Marketing: 4 demo’s per day, 6 sign ups. = $980 per week.  PLUS they have the ability to market Travel Planet Network to consumers and earn 50% of their access fee PLUS 10% more from every consumer order generated by the other partner you’ve setup. 

Become A Marketing Partner Now - It's Free To Start

Limited Marketing Partner

$ 0 $0 Monthly
  • You wiil receive 30% on all new Premium or Business Partner Setup Fees You Generate.
  • You can purchase 200 4"x6" special business cards: $47.

Premium Marketing Partner

$ 197 + $19.95 Monthly (Starting 2nd Mo.)
  • You will receive 50% when you sign up a new premium or business partner. 1-time only.
  • You will receive 50% on each direct consumer referral using your Referral-URL
  • You will receive 10% bonus for each consumer referral generated by anyone from your team.
  • You will receive a 30% discount coupon to use on printed collateral along with your Referral-ID
  • You will receive 1-$500 Access Code for your personal use.
  • Complete Back Office with access to all of our marketing materials.
  • No Contract. You can cancel anytime, before next billing cycle.

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