If you are looking for extra income, without the hassle of sales or long term obligations, we have a great opportunity for you!

Take a look at the following information to see just how simple making some extra money can be…



The Product

Everyone loves to save money on travel expenses! Using our PRIVATE booking engine, we provide a way for travelers to do just that, and help you make extra money at the same time! Travelers can save up to $500 off the prices shown on PUBLIC booking engines including Expedia, Priceline, Orbitz, and many others for a one-time investment of no more than $50!

Consumer Benefits

When using Travel Savings Dollars (TSDs), there are no travel restrictions, no clubs, subscriptions, or obligation to join anything, no blackout dates, and there are no timeshare presentations to attend! The traveler’s savings can be applied to 1,000,000 hotels or resorts worldwide (including 5 star properties). The properties that the traveler has the option to choose are the same as those listed on the well-known PUBLIC booking engines, at much LOWER PRICES!

Marketer Benefits

Direct Marketers will earn 50% of the total amount the traveler pays to access our PRIVATE BOOKING ENGINE (up to $25), which means the marketer gets paid as much as $25 every time a customer uses their TSDs, for simply providing the traveler with information...WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING! Additionally, Direct Marketers have the option to set up “accounts” (see below) and receive 10% of the revenue generated from those accounts as wel

Marketing Details

3 Marketing Options.
1. POSTCARDS – instead of trying to explain “how it works”, just order our predesigned 4” x 6” postcards (including a tracking ID identifying you as the referrer). Our postcards are designed to provide enough information to create curiosity to drive consumers to our website. (see examples). All you need to do is hand them out to people by asking two questions:

  1. Do you stay in hotels or resorts when you travel or go on vacation? If yes, ask
  2. Would you like to learn how you can save up to $500 off the prices of Expedia, Priceline, or any of the major online travel booking engines?
If they say yes, hand them a postcard.  Once they enter your tracking link on their browser and lands our website, THEY will be linked TO YOU up to 60 days.  This means if they choose to order anytime within that time period, YOU will receive the referral commission – up to $25.
So, your objective is to distribute as many postcards containing your tracking link as possible.

2.DIGITAL ADS – You can also post our predesigned digital ads (or videos) on social media – on Facebook, Instagram, or any other connections you have along with your affiliate tracking code ( (see examples). You can post as often as you wish.
In addition to posting free social media sites, marketers can also:

  1. Purchase ads on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  2. Advertise on any high-traffic websites
  3. Advertise on Craigslist or similar platforms
  4. Purchase newspaper/magazine ads



The Money

Direct Referrals: To receive $500 in discounts, the cost to the traveler is only $50! Of that $50, your commission is 50%, meaning you will earn $25 per sale! There are also $10 and $25 options available to the traveler, for which they will receive $100 and $250 in discounts, respectively. Therefore, you will receive $5 and $12.50 commission on those sales! There really is no easier way for you to provide a service to travelers, while earning a substantial income.