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Marketing Specialists

Here are ideas on how high-traffic businesses can increase revenue, simply by distributing our marketing postcards to THEIR customers.  While each account you set up will earn 50% whenever their customer places an order for Travel Saving Dollars, you’ll earn a 10% “override” on EACH order.

In this section we are going to give you examples
on how you can promote Travel Planet Network to a wide variety of audiences.  


Restaurants can place a small table-top plastic display on each table. When requested, the restaurant can hand them a postcard during their visit. The code on the postcard will be linked to the restaurant. You will be paid $20 for each restaurant you setup that orders postcards PLUS a 10% bonus each time one of their customers places an order - even if it's 60 days later.

Tour Bus Operators

There are many companies competing in the tour industry. Those companies can easily provide a (marketing) postcard for every passenger, which provides the potential for an additional stream of income. You will be paid $20 for each account you setup that orders postcards PLUS a 10% bonus each time one of their customers places an order - even if it's 60 days later.

Uber/Lyft/Taxi Drivers

Rideshare drivers can augment their income by simply handing out a postcard to passengers. You will have the opportunity to offer Uber/Lyft drivers to make money by simply handing out our marketing postcards to their passengers. Remember, everyone who signs up under your referral id is part of your team. Keep in mind, you will receive a 10% bonus for every order they generate.


If a retailer resides in a well-traveled area, it is very easy for them to increase their bottom line simply by distributing postcards when a customer makes a purchase. All that is required is to become an affiliate and order some of marketing postcards. You will earn AN ADDITIONAL $20 for each account that signs up and orders postcards PLUS a 10% bonus when their customer places an order.

Credit Unions

Credit unions love providing their members with additional benefits! All they need to do is send out physical postcards or digital ads that contain their referral id to their members. If they send out digital ads, there is no upfront cost!


Most religious and non-profit organizations are looking for ways to increase their donations. They can order physical postcards or send digital ads that state: Give $50, Get $500 which 50% of the proceeds goes directly to the organization.


Schools are usually looking for ways to generate money for additional expenses, including after school programs. Kids can simply distribute postcards to their neighbors, family members, and the parents’ their co-workers. Again, the school will receive

Social Media Influencers

This is very easy. Influencers usually have many followers. All they need to do is tell them how they can now save up to $500 on hotels and/or resorts when they travel ANYWHERE...and simply provide their referral ID.