How To Save Your Followers Money Traveling!

Everyone by now has heard of Expedia – the online PUBLIC booking engine. However, were you aware there is a PRIVATE booking engine that contains the same database as Expedia (and most other PUBLIC booking engines as well) that offers lower pricing - up to $500? There’s nothing to join, no blackout dates, no travel restrictions and no timeshare presentations to attend. All that’s needed to gain access to the lower pricing is an activation code.

What It Includes

Those who have access can choose from 1,000,000 hotels and/or resorts WORLDWIDE, including 5-star properties. In addition, there discounts for car rentals, tours, tickets, and attractions.

How It Works

Instead of selling a membership, we offer 3 ways to access the data. For $10, consumers, can save $100 BELOW the prices listed on Expedia (and well as others). For $25, they can save $250 and for $50, they can save $500 – up to 1 year.

When your followers complete their purchase, they will be immediately sent (via email), their login information containing a unique activation and pin code. Once they have activated their account, they will be able to login and book their travel. For more information, see the slider in the middle of our homepage.

How You Benefit

You will receive 50% of the activation fee (up to 60 days from the time they first visited this site). All you need to do is get your referral ID and promote it. We will even provide you access to 1-minute promotional videos along with a free $500 access code for you to use yourself.

Customer Money-Back Guarantee.

If they haven’t saved at least 3 times the money they spent for the access code over the course of 1 full year, we will refund 2 times what they paid.

Why should you become our Affiliate

No selling. Just tell your followers you found a great deal that can save them up to $500.

Selected influencers will provided with a $500 access code to be used for yourself.

Referral Commission.
Your followers can place their order directly online.

Money is immediately credited to your account that you can view 24/7

Referral Commissions are sent out bi-monthly, direct deposit.   

Next Steps

If you're a travel blogger, this is no-brainer opportunity to inform your followers how they can save money on hotels and resorts while putting 50% of the order in your pocket - no matter where you are in the world.