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Thank You For Your Interest In Our Travel Savings Promotion

This page provides an extensive tutorial on how to use our delivery system.

Step 1: Customizing Your Form

The system provides businesses the opportunity to fully customize their lead capture form. Businesses can select different types of questions from our list and also customize the “Welcome” screen to include their logo, brand tagline or more.

Once the form is customized, the business can publish the form  to see how it would look to customers. The option to view the form will be available in the “QR Code” tab on the left. By clicking on the jotform URL, businesses can view the form in real time.


Step 2: Receiving Your Design

Once you’ve published your form, we will be able to add a customized QR code (linked to your business), onto your easel/postcard design. 

You will be sent this design via your registered email. Once you’ve received it, you can go ahead and print the design to display it within your store.

Step 3: Customers Scan QR Code

Once a customer sees the ad and scans the QR code, they will be redirected to your form to fill out the short questionnaire to receive their free $100 Hotel Savings Coupon. 

They may be required to validate their email (if you enable it in the backend), and will receive the coupon right after they click submit. 

Customer Code

Step 4: Customers Receive Free Gift!

Once they’ve submitted the form, the free gift will be emailed to them within 5 minutes. It will be sent to the email address used within the form, and will contain instructions on how to redeem the free gift.

They will be able to use this gift right away and can start booking through our private booking engine once they’ve redeemed the coupon successfully!

Step 5: Purchase Leads

Now that the customer has submitted the information, it has been stored in your database and will be available for you to purchase and view UNTIL your subscription is active. 

If you cancel your subscription or do not renew it, you will lose all your leads. Please ensure that a valid payment method is added to your account to prevent the loss of information.

To view and download your available leads, you have to purchase a minimum of 50 leads (@ $0.95/lead) by clicking “Purchase Additional Leads”.

Leads Purchased

Step 6: Download Leads

After completing the lead purchase process, you will be able to view all of your lead information up to the number of lead purchased. 

For more leads, you can always purchase additional leads by clicking the button below. To download the leads, click “Download” at the top right. 

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