Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does it card work?
    On the inside of the Travel Savings Gift, you will see a UNIQUE Activation Code and Pin Number and the URL where to go to activate the account..  Once activated, users can search, view the details and book a trip.  There is NOTHING TO JOIN, NO BLACKOUT DATES and NO TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS to attend.
  2. Why would a business want to offer different values of Travel Savings Gifts?
    Some businesses sell low-cost products or services and some sell high-ticket products or services.  You will want to fit the card value to closely match the product/service you’re promoting.  It is not recommended you give away a $1000 Travel Savings Card with a $50 purchase.  If you do, your customers may feel there is a “catch”.   While either Travel Savings Card cost the same (when purchased in bulk), you will get better results by offering  Travel Savings Gift close to the value of the product (or service) you’re selling.
  3. Is there any “cash value” on the card?
    No.  The Travel Savings Gift is money you save when the user books a hotel/resort/car rental/more.
  4. How does it compare to other online booking engines?
    Most all booking engines sell at RETAIL.  This booking engine is A PRIVATE BOOKING ENGING, that offers the exact same hotels pricing BELOW what Retails booking engines (Expedia, Priceline, and others) charge.  On average booking engines get a substantial discount (around 30%-60% of the standard rack-rate.  Unlike Retail Travel Booking Engines that are constantly advertising with profits they make, our  PRIVATE booking engine can easily afford offer the same hotels and/or resorts and much lower rate.
  5. Can I BRAND my the card I give away with my logo?
    Yes.  Just provide us a .jpg file of your logo.
  6. How long will it take to get my order?
    Orders are normally shipped within 7-10 working days for printing.
  7. Can I get an exclusive?
    Maybe.  Depends on the industry, physical location and the quantity of the order.
  8. Can I sell the Travel Savings Gifts?
    Yes.  You can purchase quantity of the same gift amount ($50, $100, $250, $500, or $1000 values) and tell them for 10% of the gift value (i.e., a $100 gift for $10).  We also offer a program where you do not have prepurchase.  Please call for details.