If you can hand out postcards like this, you can make up to $25 per order.

You Market!  We Sell!

Everyone Loves To Travel

Now, ANYONE can save up to $500 at 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide, FOR ONLY $50, including a 1-YEAR 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.  

 You can easily earn $1000’s a month for yourself, your schools, or any organization or charity you choose, simply by sharing this information. 

–>  Those Who Purchase…  <–

NO Travel Restrictions, No Blackout Dates, and No Timeshare Presentations to Attend.  

No Gimmicks!  Just Savings (up to $500)! 

How It Works

All online travel agencies (commonly called OTA’s) earn commission when someone books travel on their platform. There are both PUBLIC and PRIVATE OTA’s.  PUBLIC OTA’s (i.e, Expedia, Priceline, Booking.com and others), spend part of their commission to buy advertising.  We represent a PRIVATE OTA.  PRIVATE OTA’s  DON’T ADVERTISE. Instead, they use part of their commission to lower the price. So they will always be lower. 

All the traveler needs to save, is an ACTIVATION CODE to access our PRIVATE OTAs’ pricing.

No Selling!   Just Share Information!

We provide the details – We do the selling for you.  You can select from printed postcards (that you can hand out) or digital ads that you can post on social media.  

The postcards and/or digital ads are designed to drive consumers/traffic to the website USING YOUR FREE REFERRAL ID. When they do, YOU will have a strong possibility of earning – even up to 60 days later. 

How You Make Money

  • Get your referral id – it’s free.
  • Add your referral id to our Market Materials.
  • Promote!  (Simple hand out postcards, or post our digital banner ads and/or videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Track your earned commission 24/7 with a FREE “back-office” tool. (no monthly fee for now.)
  • Earn 50% per sale.
  • Earn 15% more.  Find partners who want to do the same and get added bonus on their volume.

Marketing Videos to post on social media.  Just add your referral ID.  

See other examples.

The ACCESS CODE To Travel Savings

Consumers simple decide on how much GUARANTEED SAVINGS they want over the next year.  You earn 50% of what they pay.

  • To save $100, consumers pay $10, you earn $5.
  • To save $250, consumers pay $25, you earn $12.50.
  • To save $500, consumers pay $50, you earn $25. 

Once the purchase is completed, they will be immediately sent an activation code with instructions of where to go to access our PRIVATE  Booking Engine.  Once activation is complete, they can start saving immediately.  Think of it like a $500 travel coupon that they can get for $50. (See the advantage of purchasing $250 vs. $500)

Worldwide properties – (including 5-star).  There is over 1,000,000 hotels and resorts worldwide (it’s the SAME PROPERTIES listed on 90% of all the popular PUBLIC Travel Booking Site like Expedia, Priceline, Travelocity, Orbiz, and others – except at lower prices. )

The amount saved can be used all at once or incrementally.  The actual savings depends on the type of property, the length if stay, and the time of the year.  

No Risk Consumer Guarantee

Consumer will receive a full 1 year money back guarantee – if they don’t save at least double what they spent on TSD’s.  Don’t worry.  It won’t affect your commission unless abused.

The More You Market – the Higher the Opportunity for $$$.

You will make A MINIMUM of 50% of the consumers order.  For example, if they purchase $500 TSD’s for $50, you will earn $25,   

You can ADVERTISE AND PROMOTE in North America – (Canada, U.S., Mexico), Central Europe, (i.e., England, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc.,) Australia, and parts of Asia and Africa, targeting people who loves to make and/or save money on travel. 

No Investment Required.  

There are NO MONTHLY FEES to pay.  All you need to do is to distribute our marketing ads.  We have created the graphics. Just add your referral ID to it, AND PROMOTE – either in person, or thru social media.  If you choose postcards, we handle everything – complete with your referral ID on them, delivered to you for free within a week. 

Your market is North America – Canada, U.S., Mexico, targeting people 18 years up who love to save money on travel. You can advertise anywhere, however you may not send spam anywhere or you will loose all earned commission. 

Examples Of Multiple Markets


There’s a ton of influencers that specialize in TRAVEL – (Instagram,  YouTube, and FB Groups) who have thousands of “subscribers”.  Once you find them, we will work with you on helping you set up the account.  We may even provide free $100 accounts to active influencers with your referral id.  If they choose to become an affiliate and start promoting our program, you will earn 15% of every order they generate. 


Schools all over the country are hurting for money.  As a result, many try fundraising.  Our company is a perfect fit to help.  What makes this valuable is the fact that Travel Planet Network offers consumers HIGH-VALUE at a LOW-PRICE.   If you setup a school, it could produce tremendous income for you AND the school.  Read more

Large Organizations, Nonprofits and Religious Groups

With the new laws surrounding fundraising, it’s much harder to get people to donate. Travel Planet Network can raise money for different causes: sports teams, scouts, churches, Lyons and Rotary and thousands of others simply by offering a HIGH-VALUE (up to $500), LOW-COST ($50 or less) consumer offer.  

Here is the best part.  It’s all online.  All you need is send out our videos and banner ads (including your referral ID in the link) and advertise it everywhere. Read more

Individuals Including Ride-share Drivers

In tourist destinations, Uber and Lyft are extremely popular.  It’s very easy for drivers to increase their earning by simply passing out postcards that explain our program.  There is NO SELLING REQUIRED.  Read more