About Your Referral ID

About Your Referral ID

In a moment, you will start to setup your account.  
This will give you access to graphics, marketing materials and training. 

During the signups process, you will be asked to add your “Referral ID”.  However, before you just add just any name, you will want to think this through a bit. We high-recommend that you DO NOT use your name, but instead make it look catchy.  

Your referral ID is part of your URL that you will use to send traffic to.  It will look like this:  https://travelplanetnetwork.com/#your-referral-id.

Here Are Some Suggestions For Picking Your Affiliate Name

  • Rideshare + (any number)
  • School-name
  • Nonprofit-name
  • SaveMoney + (any number)
  • TravelBargins + (any number)
  • WorldTravel + (any number)

Selecting A Custom Domain URL

We highly recommend purchasing YOUR OWN Custom URL and have it "forwarded" to your affiliate link (once you choose a name). You can search for a domain at: 1) 1and1.com or 2) namecheap.com

❗Here is the reason:

Many times when a user sees a long "affiliate URL", (such as "TravelPlanetNetwork.com/#AffiliateName"), they can easily remove anything after the ".com" and go to the website ⏤ if that happens, you will not receive any commission.

A custom URL (like "http://traveldeals.com - as an example), will prevent this from happening.

DOs & DON'Ts
It is wise that you include relatable words in your domain:

JohnnysHome.com doesn't let consumers know that this site will be about travel savings

JohnsFrugalTravel.com does

ALL inappropriate domain names (and affiliate names) will be rejected (we don’t need to provide examples of what not to use, you’re smart enough to figure it out).