About Your Referral ID

In a moment, you will start to setup your account.
This will give you access to graphics, marketing materials and training.

During the signups process, you will be asked to add your “Referral ID”. 
However, before you add just any name, you will want to think this through a bit. 
Your referral ID is part of your URL that you will use to send traffic to.  It will look like this:  https://travelplanetnetwork.com/#your-referral-id.

You only need to be concerned with the word just after the “/#”.   
We highly-recommend that you DO NOT USE YOUR NAME.  Pick a name that’s CATCHY.

Here Are Some Suggestions:

  • BestHotelDeals
  • BestTravelDeals
  • SuperhotDeals
  • TopHotelDeals
  • TravelBargains
  • SecretsRevealed
  • VacationDeals
  • HotelDeals

If a name is already taken, you can add a number behind it; like HotelDeals-23 for example. 


It also matters how you display it.  

Sometimes you will marketing to consumers, sometimes to Premium or Business Partners.  Here are 2 options for you to choose:

1)  Your standard REFERRAL URL. 
If you’re marketing specifically to consumers, you can purchase a custom domain name and forwarded it to your REFERRAL URL like this:  https://travelplanetnetwork.com/#worldtravel-66 (“Referral ID” in RED).  You can also use a Bitly – outlined below. 

2) URL Shortener (Bit.ly)
This is a great option to setup multiple bitly links directed to different “targets”  – when using social media marketing.  If you do not choose to pick a unique REFERRAL ID, you should consider using bitly to track different audiences.  There are two versions of Bitly.  Free and paid.  While the free version can track the number of links to specific landing pages, the paid version can also allow you to add a custom NAME which could change this:  https://travelplanetnetwork.com/#worldtravel-66 to this:  bit.ly/worldtravel.   This is the video for free version explaining Bitly.